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RPC : Reward Per Click.

Reward per click Program a unique program, in which user get Free Talktime from Rs 50 to Rs 5000 for every unique click done on user referral Link. It’s totally free registration.

Get Rewarded & Guaranteed Talk Time By Inviting Your Friends to website. Any User having valid mobile number can register on website & enjoy the benefit RPC program along with the other medical treatment offers & discounts.

Steps to Follow.
  • Enter Valid Mobile number on Registration Page, after OTP confirmation, your account will be created.

  • In Home page your find you’re Reward Points, along with your referral code. Just click on the medium on which you want to share the code. For example, Whatapp, Facebook , Message etc.

    When someone click you your link they will be directed to our website & you account will be added by 1 Points on every unique click, 1 Points is equal to Rs 1, you can redeem these points at any point of the time by just one click.

  • After submitting Points Redeem Request, You Mobile no will be credited by the won Talk Time within 24 Hrs. for any more enquires contact marketing@aashakiran.in

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You can also help your relatives, neighbors, friends, and acquaintances with successful infertility treatments.

Just Share the details of the person by filling the form and both of you can reap the benefits of the referral program. You will get flat Rs. 2000/- as Paytm cashback reward and your friend will special discount on his/her Treatment, when they started the treatment with AASHAKIRAN IVF.

  • How does ‘AASHAKIRAN RPC Program (Reward Per Click) Program work?

    “AASHAKIRAN IVF Reward on Per Click” gives you a chance to earn Rs. 50 to Rs 5000, if your friend clicks on your referral code. It proves to be beneficial for the person who refers another person - (i.e. you) as well as the person who gone through the website & share it with your friends.

  • How can I refer a friend to earn by Reward Per Click??

    The process is absolutely hassle-free. You can earn Paytm Cash or Talktime of Rs 50 to Rs 5,000 for referring each friend to AASHAKIRAN IVF. You Need to Just share your reference link with your friends & Family via whatsapp or any digital Platform. When they click on this link, you account will be added by 1 Points on every unique click, you can redeem these points at any point of the time

  • Will I receive the talk time only via Paytm mode?

    Yes. Right now, we are offering taktime / cash Back by Pay TM or Direct Talk time to Your Mobile Number in RPC program. We will soon move or add to other cash back platforms too for ease and better experience of customers.

  • Is there any limit to the number of individuals whom I can refer to AASHAKIRAN IVF?

    Absolutely not! You are free to forwarded link to unlimited Number, but make sure only unique click will be added to your account, from one mobile number, only click will be counted.

  • How much time will it take to redeem the points?

    You can redeem points at any time, when you reached a slab. After submitting redeem request, you mobile no will be recharged with in 24 Hrs.

No of Clicks Free Talk Time (On Your Mobile)
50 to 100 Rs. 10 Talktime
101 to 200 Rs. 25 Talktime
201 to 300 Rs. 35 Talktime
301 to 400 Rs. 50 Talktime
401 to 500 Rs. 100 Talktime
501 to 1000 Rs. 200 Talktime
1001 to 2000 Rs. 500 Talktime
2001 to 3000 Rs. 1000 Talktime
3001 to 4000 Rs. 2000 Talktime
4001 to 5000 Rs. 3000 Talktime
5001 to 7500 Rs. 4000 Talktime
7501 to 10000 Rs. 5000 Talktime