Osteoporosis develops when bone density decreases. The body reabsorbs more bone tissue and produces less to replace it. Osteoporosis, or […]

Acute Abdomen in pregnancy

Abdominal pain is one of the most common disorders of pregnancy; the problem is on distinguishing pathological from physiological pains. […]

Induction of labor

Induction of labor is the artificial induction of labor mechanism prior to its spontaneous onset. Or is the stimulation of […]

Male obesity and infertility

Obesity is considered a global health problem affecting more than a third of the population.  Obesity is known to disrupt male […]

Interstitial cystitis

Interstitial cystitis is a chronic condition causing bladder pressure, bladder pain and sometimes pelvic pain. Interstitial cystitis causes urgent, often […]


Amenorrhea is the absence of menstrual bleeding.Amenorrhea is a normal feature in prepubertal, pregnant, and postmenopausal females. A dysfunction in […]