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Causes of Male Infertility ?

Causes of Male Infertility ?


  • Problem with sexually intercourse - this can include trouble to keep an errection, pre-mature ejaculation , painfully intercourse
  • Hormone imbalance - low testosterone and other hormonal problems creates male infertility
  • Undescended testicles - during fetal development one or both testicles fail to descend from the abdomen into the sac that normallycontains testicles. This is also one of the main reasons of infertility in man.  I
  • Blockage of tubules - that tube which carry sperm  can be blocked reason of injury from surgery, cystic fibrosis and many more
  • Antisperm antibodies (ASA) - ASA production are directed against surface antigen on sperm. Which can interference with sperm motility and transport through the reproductive tract, inhibiting capacitation and acrosomereaction?
  • Varicocele - it is a condition of swollen testicular veins in the skin within which the scrotum lies. It is main reason of low sperm count resulting low sperm count
  • Drug, alcohol - lowering testosterone levels, follicle stimulating hormone, and luteinizing hormone, and raising estrogen levels, which reduce sperm count
  • Genetic abnormalities
  • Meditations including than that effect spermatogenesis such as chemotherapy , phenytoin and nirofurantion
  • Another potential cause of male infertility is age. As men age, their sperm count and quality may decline, which can make it more difficult to conceive.
  • Additionally, certain lifestyle factors can contribute to male infertility. These can include smoking tobacco, using recreational drugs, and having a diet that is low in certain nutrients. Obesity can also be a contributing factor, as it can affect hormone levels and sperm production.
  • Furthermore, certain medical conditions and treatments can impact male fertility. For example, radiation therapy and chemotherapy can damage the DNA in sperm and affect their ability to fertilize an egg. Certain medications, such as those used to treat high blood pressure and depression, can also have an impact on sperm production and function.

In some cases, the cause of male infertility may be unknown.

In terms of treatment options, in addition to those mentioned previously, another option is Aashakiran IVF. Aashakiran IVF is a type of assisted reproductive technology that involves fertilizing eggs with sperm in a laboratory and then transferring the resulting embryo into the uterus. This can be a viable option for couples struggling with male infertility.