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Cost of IVF Treatment

Cost of IVF Treatment

How much does 1 cycle of IVF cost?

On average, nationally, a “fresh” IVF single cycle costs Rs 1.5 Lac to 2 Lac. Cost of the Treatment also depends on standard of the treatment provided by the IVF centers. We need to understand , that IVF result orientated Industries , where cost cutting , will directly affect the results of the centers.

 Does insurance cover IVF in India?

Insurance companies are planning to offer these treatments to policyholders after a long waiting period and cap sub limits to avoid fraud. IVF and infertility-related expenses are mostly not covered in health plans. On other side Medical loans are one option which is available.  One IVF cycle takes around Rs 1.25 Lac to 2 Lac .  The cost of covering IVF can go up to Rs 2.5 lac per cycle in certain cases.

Is IVF cheaper in India?

The average IVF cost in India is Rs. 1.5  Lac to 2 Lac  for single  cycle, but it can be as much as Rs. 2.5 Lac lac in some cases . If a private fertility clinic tells you that their IVF costs less than Rs. 1 Lac, its mean there are hiding something / compromising on treatment or making fool of the patient

Which country has the cheapest IVF?

Yes, India was one of the most affordable countries for IVF and surrogacy in the past.

What is Money Back Packages ?

We Need to Understand one thing , We at AASHAKIRAN don’t offer any guarantee of the treatment, but same time we are committed to deliver.

In Money Back package we offer 100 % Money back in case of the failure of the treatment.

For Example if patient Paid Rs 100 for IVF treatment, in case of negative result, We at AASHAKIRAN will return the Rs 100 , with any deduction.

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