Dr.Dr. Asmita Mahla
Board of Directors, IVF Specialist -
  • Asmita Mahla

    I have been trained in one of the best medical institutes in India. Currently, I have been working as an independent reproductive medicine specialist, well-versed in transvaginal and abdominal pelvic ultrasound and minor and major procedures.

    I am confident in doing egg collections and embryo transfers and have been giving consistent results over the past one year.

    I have done diagnostic laparoscopic procedures independently and operative laproscopies with minimal assistance on a regular basis. We were dealing with high pregnancies and have managed such cases meticulously and successfully. I am academically oriented and have participated in numerous regional, national, and international events as faculty.

  • Certifications

    MBBS – Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, MAHE university, passed with distinction in Jan 2003. Attempt – One Post Graduation

    DNB in Obstetrics and Gynecology from Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi in session June-November 2008. Attempt – One Fellowship in Reproductive medicine (National Board of Examinations) from IRM, MMM Hospital, Chennai.

  • Publications

    Genuine Empty Follicle Syndrome: Truth of and Enigma Case report in IJCP’s journal of reproductive medicine – VOl 1, issue 1; 27-31.

    Metformin in PCOS – is current evidence enough? in IJCP’s journal of reproductive medicine – Vol 2, issue 1; 27-31.

    Demographic variables of poor responders in IVF/ICSI: A comparative study journal of human reproductive sciences 2010 3 (2): 91-94

    During fellowship training

    Approach to sub fertility couples with evidence based work up and management

    Ovulation Induction with oral drugs and gonadotropins for IUI/IVF

    Semen preparation


    Management of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

    Myomectomy – open / Laparoscopic

    Tubal Recanalization

    Diagnostic hysteroscopy

    Operative hysteroscopy / fallopian tube cannualtion

    HSG / saline sonogram

    USG follicular and endometrial monitoring

    Ultrasound guided procedures – saline sonography, dummy ET

    Early pregnancy USG

    High risk pregnancy monitoring and management

    Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

    Oocyte Retrieval, IVF & Embryo Transfer Diagnostic laparoscopies / cystectomy / tubal reconstruction / adhesiolysis/ ovarian drilling