Frequently Asked Question

What is Infertility?
What is the incidence of infertility worldwide?
Is infertility exclusively a female problem ?
MYTH: Babies born after IVF treatment are weak or abnormal.
MYTH: IVF leads to ovarian cancer.
Know About Female Infertility Causes
Fallopian Tube Damage
Cervical Factors
Ovulatory Disorders
Production of Sperms
Hormonal Imbalance
Damaged Testicles
Absence of Testicles
Retrograde Ejaculation
Duct System Obstruction
At what stage should we consider undergoing IVF treatment?
What is IVF treatment?
How can IVF be a ‘treatment of choice’ considering the costs, problems and advantages in contrast with other medical/non-medical treatments?
If we plan to undergo the IVF treatment, is our child going to be genetically ours?
What are the precautions one has to take while undergoing IVF treatment?
How much does one cycle of IVF treatment cost? How do the costs differ with severity of the case?
How many times can one go for IVF treatment? Are there any age restrictions for the same?
What are the complications generally faced by women/men undergoing IVF treatment?