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According to the Government of India’s Medical Tourism Department, cost of IVF treatment for infertility in India is one-fourth as compared to the developed countries, that is why reasons why India has become one of the most sought-after medical tourism destinations.

According to a new report of Allied Market Research (AMR), the in vitro fertilisation (IVF) services market in India is projected to reach $ 775.9 million by 2022, registering a CAGR of 16.6 percent from 2016 to 2022.

This is providing scope for the businesses, like Aashakiran Fertility World centre to grow in India. Aashakiran Fertility World centre is an infertility treatment centre, which offers consultation and provides check up to childless couples since 2016.

Need for IVF Industry:

As per the Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction estimates, the infertility cases have increased to about 30 million couples in India. The market for IVF services in India is growing, due to rise in the number of married couples suffering from infertility, owing to urbanisation, pollution, stress, and lifestyle patterns.

Franchise Models it Offers:
He reveals his expansion plans as, “We started off in 2016 and today we feel it’s a good time to expand because of the leverage or the customer base that doctors have across India.”

Why You Should Set-Up an IVF Franchise

Being a parent is one of the most joyous and exhilarating feelings in the world, but there many couples who are unable to become parents naturally. That’s where In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) comes into play, acting as a ray of hope for all those who are having a tough time in conceiving due to various parameters.

With the ever-increasing rate of infertility in India, IVF has become a flourishing business opportunity. The global in-vitro fertilization market size is expected to reach USD 36.2 billion by 2026, forecasting a positive future for an IVF Franchise business. Here are the following reasons why investing in an IVF franchise will reap you huge profits.

Lifestyle Changes

One of the major factors contributing towards the growth of IVF franchises in India is the behavioural and lifestyles changes among couples leading to an increased rate of infertility. Rising incidences of infertility as a consequence of increasing maternal age as more women are now starting families later in life is one of the reasons leading to a rise in demand for IVF treatment.

Furthermore, lifestyle induced disorders such as obesity and smoking are contributing to high infertility rates. These factors are thus driving the in-vitro fertilization market, as women and their families prefer the procedure more compared to the other available procedures.

Medical Tourism

IVF is an expensive procedure and with growing infertility around the world, it has increased the demand for the IVF business in India. People from developed nations travel to a developing economy like India Since the Indian IVF Market offers world-class mechanism with monitored labs under suitable temperatures and best-in-class services at affordable rates. In addition to this, the success rate of IVF procedure in India is as high as 60-65% with the best quality drugs and costs, making it a favourable market for foreigners. We are well con nected with the Chandigarh International Airport , which is just 15 Km from Aashakiran Center.

Brand Name & Loyalty

Healthcare is one of those industries where people are not willing to experiment much and trusts an already established brand name. In an IVF procedure, where the success rate is also low, people tend to prefer a well-known brand name with proven results. Thus, IVF franchises are increasing in demand, as couples prefer them more in comparison to startups. IVF franchises have hence become a profitable business opportunity for those seeking to invest in the healthcare industry.

Increase in Demand from Rural Areas

With an increase in literacy level, the taboo and stigma associated with the IVF, surrogacy and related processes have also been eradicated. Especially in rural areas and small towns, where the orthodox and stereotype thoughts have been quite prevalent, the eradication of these has boosted the growth of IVF market. With increased penetration of IVF franchises in rural India, the Indian IVF market is bound to witness a gush in terms of growth in the years to come.

Franchise IVF Centre
If you are a practicing gynecologist with special interest in infertility and you are already doing IUI, we can help you out to start a franchise ivf centre.

As you know the cost for setting up an ivf lab is quite high and maintaining it requires a lot of effort, we provide you the state of the art lab and embryology services to start your ivf programme. You can offer ART treatment to your patients now.

You will be stimulating a patient and you will be sending them to us for the pick up and embryo transfer. After embryo transfer patient will be seeing you. You don’t have to refer the patient, the patient will be coming to you for antenatal check up and for delivery.

The patient will be comfortable as well as confident knowing that they are getting their treatment done at one of the leading ivf centres in India and you are supervising the whole process.

You should be able to do transvaginal ultrasound or you can get it done by a radiologist during the stimulation cycle. You have to check hormones (FSH, LH, E2) at the start and during the stimulation to know the progress.

Once basic work up is done, you can start stimulating your patient through Long protocol, short protocol, ultra short protocol or antagonist protocol.

We welcome you to attend the workshop and one on one communication with our IVF consultant. We will teach you the stimulation protocols for different indications and will help you out to start stimulation for your patients. We will provide you this service free of cost if you are willing to affiliated to our centre. Please do call us and we can plan a meeting.

Together we will make a good team and i am sure we will help our patients to get conceive through ART.

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