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IVF with Donor Oocyte

IVF with Donor Oocyte

Everyone wants to be in advance phase in this paced world, but still there are things that is not in our hands. So is a fertility duration of a women and their time of conception which remain normal till certain age after which it slowly start getting nil/degraded. This can cause a social stigma for such female living who are unable to give birth. So for such difficulty situation we at Aashakiran Fertility World provide Donor oocyte facility for those couple where female is unable to release mature oocyte for fertilization during ovulation after completion of follicular phase. In this plan we arrange a healthy donor from whom oocytes are retrieved and IVF expert fuse oocytes with respective semen sample for fertilization.

For donor selection we follow standard criteria fulfilling requirement of patient according to their according to their physical characteristics and blood group. Here, in Aashakiran Fertility World IVF doctors carefully diagnose donors for oocyte collection and adhere to below mentioned points so that recipient is provided with fully trusted services

  • For donor the age must be <=36 years and having previous one natural conception with healthy child.
  • She should not have any history of genetic diseases or any contagious infectious diseases.
  • Donor must have normal physical and genetic diagnosis to proceed for donation.


Who can take this plan?

  1. Females with low/poor ovarian reserve
  2. Female/Couples with history of any genetic disorders
  3. Female gone through with tubal ligation or tubectomy
  4. Female with previous history of miscarriages
  5. Female with advance age


How female donors are selected?

Selection of donors are done with our IVF doctors by doing complete diagnosis that are required before proceeding stimulation procedure. Here the process includes complete blood test and screening of selected donors. Also tests and screening done for any hereditary genetic diseases and infectious diseases. Also the selected donor must be free from usage of any type of narcotics products. Finally, donor is gone through all ultrasound diagnosis to assess functionality of all reproductive organs including.