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IVF with Donor Sperm

IVF with Donor Sperm

In the world of IVF the conception is a dual process where both partners must have normal diagnosis before proceeding for treatment. The equal contribution of couple helps in attaining pregnancy till the completion of treatment. There are some exceptional cases exist where male partner may have infertility issue inhibited by birth, environmental factor or went under scissors. To overcome such situation in our Aashakiran Fertility World we provide donor sperm (DS) scheme where we use anonymous DS to inseminate self/anonymous oocyte for artificial insemination while going through IVF treatment. In this plan anonymous DS is used from healthy male donor with registered ID that are used for specific patient by matching the blood group of male partner. After which the oocytes are inseminated for fertilization by IVF expert in laboratory, then the fertilized oocytes cultured further till embryo transfer is planned where embryos are placed in the uterine cavity with the help of catheter. In our hospital we get the DS from registered DS bank where they store healthy male semen sample for future use. In such banks semen sample are stored after properly analyzing the sample free from any infectious diseases.


Who are beneficial with DS plan?

  1. Male with infertility issue having zero or low count.
  2. Male with any medical dysfunction related to reproductive organ.
  3. Male with STD/STI
  4. Male with history of chemotherapy/any other medical surgeries
  5. Couple with family history of genetic disorder running in family


How male are selected for DS in such banks?

Exclusive DS banks select male for providing DS by doing all basic blood tests including viral markers to confirm male is free from any infection or diseases. The selected male donor should be of legal age <=40 years while donating DS in banks for fertility treatment. Such donors are assessed via many medical tests including physical and genetics examination so that recipient’s future child are free from any medical anomalies. The collected samples are stored only once it is confirmed that sample is free from all sexually transmitted diseases and other infectious cells (WBC’s & RBC’s). The recipients may have some demands while counselling DS to them where they can seek for physical and genetic characteristics synonymous to them like (hair color, eye color, height and complexion).