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IVF Starts at Rs 99K Only

IVF Starts at Rs 99K Only

Dream of a becoming parent can be fulfilled here. Every couple has dream of becoming parents and fulfilling their family. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win, but you begin again. We AAASHAKIRAN IVF spread happiness in infertile couple’s life. Our aim is to give child to couple’s who are trying to become parent since many years.

IVF in vitro fertilization is the fusion of women egg and man’s sperm in IVF lab. Here we are going to discuss about the IVF cost. IVF includes many procedures such as, stimulation, follicular study, hysteroscopy, oocyte retrieval, embryo freezing, endometrium preparation, embryo transfer and many more. Single injections cost is in thousands. So, this is the one of the reason of IVF is quite costly. We are giving theses all in average cost of  99000/-perc cycle. Description of package is following:

 For example, if patient choose package of two cycle of Donor Frozen Embyo Transfer  in 2 Lac, that  includes

  • All Medications which will be used for IVF treatment.
  • All Inject- able.
  • Hysteroscopy.
  • All ultrasound which will be perform during IVF treatment.
  • OT Charges.
  • All Blood Test Related to Infertility.
  • Two Embryo Transfer, (In case of First failure).
  • Hospital stay for 2 days (if required)
  • If positive then medicines include till cardiac activity.

 If we divide the 2 Lac package by 2 cycle after having discount of 2000/- via vouchers and get the amount around 99000/-.

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