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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

In the life of a couple, the day of conception till delivery day is a miraculous and marvellous duration though it is a complex step as the day passes. It is linked with numerous emotional changes which physically and mentally change one’s lifestyle for both mother and fetus. Here, the most challenging situation is for one whose life changes from one environment to other in simple word adjustment. During delivery when one life is leaving a mother’s safe womb and steps outside defines the self-dependence activities from blood supply to functions. Before birth baby depends on the mother's blood supply for supporting life and other body functions from the placenta exchanging all important nutrients. Essential functionality is received by the baby from mothers such as breathing, food supply, waste excretion, and protection from diseases. For complete body system support new-born body starts responding outside world where respiration starts, self-cardiac activity, and blood circulation, initiation of the digestion process, excretion of unused food and chemicals, the balance of body fluids, and activation of self-immune response.

There are a few exceptional cases new-borns are not able to respond normally having some trouble in the transition process and causing difficulty after birth. Such as preterm birth, birth defects, insufficient nutrient supply, and breathing issues can make their life difficult and more challenging. For them, such special care is needed to make them easier for adjustment.

What is NICU service?

It is a special neonatal intensive care unit in the medical system giving effective medical care in hospitals for new-born is NICU. Here our hospital come up with all advanced technology machines and instruments functioned by health care professionals. It not only provides support to sick babies but also to those who need specialized care after born. There is still many IVF centre who does not have such services and, have to search for option outside but in the Aashakiran Fertility World, we have an in-house facility of NICU. The exceptional case comes up for new-born where they required extra care due to some medical condition which is fulfilled under NICU. Aashakiran Fertility World provides extensive and fast caring un it for foetus post and pre-delivery under the exclusive guidance of experienced Paediatrics specialist experienced over a couple of years. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in our hospital gives an intensive nursery care unit for newborns seeking intensive medical treatment along with safekeeping. Here in-house, we provide sophisticated and advanced supervision of neonatal not only with skilled medical staff along with forefront-equipped medical equipment. NICU in our Aashakiran hospital is one of the best levels of neonatal intensive care in North India and is regarded by many patients with positive outcomes.

The NICU is engaged with all cutting-edge technology equipment providing external complete support to neo-natal. The required and essential services provided to a baby and making them comfortable outside the mother’s womb with excellent services given by experts for new-borns.