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Patient Privacy is our First Priority.

Patient Privacy is our First Priority.

What does Patient Privacy Mean?

Medical privacy or health privacy is the practice of maintaining the security and confidentiality of patient records. ... The terms can also refer to the physical privacy of patients from other patients and providers while in a medical facility.

What is right to privacy in India?

The Constitution of India encompasses Right to Privacy under Article 21, which is a requisite of right to life and personal liberty. Stressing on the term 'privacy', it is a dynamic concept which was needed to be elucidated. The scope of Article 21 is multi-dimensional under the Indian Constitution.

What are patient privacy rights?

One of the most basic rights that a patient has is the right to privacy. Patients have the right to decide to whom, when, and what extent their private individually identifiable health information is disclosed. ... For patients, a lack of privacy could lead to personal embarrassment, public humiliation, and discrimination.