Agglutination means clumping of sperm in which motile sperm stick to each other why head to head former, tail to tail, mixed like midpiece to tale. If it is attached to mucus or to debris are not called agglutination. Agglutination is a main sign of presence of antisperm antibodies. Antisperm antibodies or we can say agglutination is somehow a reason of infertility.

 Antisperm antibodies are made when sperm come in contact with man immune system this can be due to injuries to testicles surgeries after prostate gland infection. These antisperm antibodies can damage or kill the sperm these antisperm antibodies can be found in men and women. Agglutination as we know cause clumping of sperm, so when ejaculation occurs in cervix sperms are not able to travel from cervix to the fallopian tubes where the fertilization occur so egg remain unfertilized which cause infertility. In case of agglutination sperm culture should be done in order to detect infection that is present of e coli which is also reason of immotile sperms.


For men, your doctor may give you medication to lower your body’s immune response. That could lead to fewer antibodies and raise the chances that your female partner could get pregnant.

For women, one treatment that’s shown to help your chances of getting pregnant is intrauterine insemination. That’s when your doctor puts the sperm directly in your uterus. This allows the sperm to avoid contact with antisperm antibodies in your cervical mucus.

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