Impact of Covid-19 on Pregnancy

What corona virus effect on baby if pregnant women will diagnose with the infection?

As this is a very new virus we are just beginning to learn about it. There is no evidence to suggest an increased risk of miscarriage.

Emerging evidence suggests that transmission from a woman to her baby during pregnancy or birth is probable. There has been a report of two cases in which this seems likely, but reassuringly the babies were both discharged from hospital and are well. In all previously reported cases worldwide, infection was found at least 30 hours after birth. It is important to emphasize that in all reported cases of newborn babies developing corona virus very soon after birth, the baby was well.

Given current evidence, it is considered unlikely that if you have the virus it would cause problems with your baby’s development, and none have been observed currently.

Across the world emerging reports suggest some babies have been born prematurely to women who were very unwell with corona virus. It is unclear whether corona virus caused these premature births, or whether it was recommended that the baby was born early for the benefit of the women’s health and to enable her to recover.

The UK is conducting near-real-time observation of women who are hospitalized and test positive for COVID-19 during pregnancy, through well-established systems already used by all maternity units – this is the UK Obstetric Surveillance System. Imperial College London is also running surveillance programmed to monitor pregnancy and neonatal outcomes for women with COVID-19. We will update all information if and as soon as there is any change in the evidence.

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