Lifestyle Effect on Male Infertility:

Male infertility is when a male is unable to cause pregnancy in a fertile female. This happens commonly due to sperm delicacies in the sperm. It is defined as a when couple is trying to get pregnant since one year with unprotected sexual intercourse but they are unsuccessful. Many factors are responsible for male infertility.

Lifestyle of a male can also effect on male infertility.

  • Stress: - many study proved that stress can cause male infertility, stress can effect on sperm motility. It can also effect on sperm morphology. There is no significant proof that stresses directly affect sperm quality in the men. But many researchers found these stress effect male infertility when they compared many stressful life patient with unstressful life.
  • Diet: - diet also play important role in semen quality. Rich antioxidant diet such as vitamin A, C and D and omega3 fatty acid can improve semen quality. Thus healthy diet gives positive result on male infertility.
  • Physical activity:- Yes, it is proved exercise boast  sperm count and motility doing ablest half an hour exercise three time a week may boast men’s sperm count.
  • Caffeine consumption: - caffeine is the most widely used central nervous system stimulation used in the world. Reasonable consumption is 300 milligram or 2 cups of coffee can improve sperm quality.
  • Ambient temperature: - testicle temperature is 2 degree farhrenhite less than body temperature. Minor rises in ambient temperature effect on sperm. Activities such as bicycling, using laptops, exposure to cell phone, electromagnetic radiations, and tight cloths can raise temperature which impact on semen quality.
  •  Alcohol tobacco and drug use: - has been shown to suppress the hypothalamic pituitary testis it can defect spermatogenesis and direct testicular cell damage. Use has been linked to decrease sperm concentration. Drug use can decreased serum testosterone levels and cause olligospermia.

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