Myth of Full Bed Rest After Embryo Transfer

There is fear of falling of embryo out of uterus after embryo transfer. So, some patients will voluntarily place themselves under house arrest, because they do not want to take the slightest risk, as they have very high hopes after the embryo transfer. IVF pregnancy is "precious pregnancy" and you do your best to take things easy and be as careful as you can. This period can be packed with anxiety and suspense. Couple going through IVF treatment has many questions like: - Will everything go well? Will the baby be normal? Every pain and twinge causes worry because you are scared of your results.

All this thoughts make a lady to full bed rest after embryo transfer. The truth is that there is no sensible biological basis for providing this advice. In fact, bed rest can be demoralizing and is very unhelpful, because your mind starts playing games when you sleep in bed all day long. If a woman is forced to constantly on bed throughout the pregnancy, it will create nothing more than depression. Doctors suggest women to get back to their routine work after a 3 days’ time of the embryo transfer. Patients need to understand that activity does not have any impact on the embryo inside the uterus, because it is protected from external influences. Implantation is a biological process, which is not affected by external activity or by gravity. We suggest patients take rest at home for 48 hours after the embryo transfer, after that patient can start their routine work.

Patient should avoid such advice coming from nowhere and should take doctor's advice about how much rest is necessary for healthy baby and mother. In fact, it was confirmed in a well-designed study that both mother and baby benefit from aerobic workouts.

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