A relationship between stress and infertility has been debated for years. Infertile women are reported with high level of anxiety and depression which make it clear that infertility cause stress. The impact of stress on treatment outcome is difficult to investigate for a number of factors, including in accurate self report measure and feeling of increased optimism during treatment. Depression levels of patient with infertility have been compared with depression of patient who has been diagnosed with cancer.

 Majority of infertile women do not share their story with family or friend which increases their physiological stress the inability to reproduce naturally can cause feeling of shame, guilt and low self esteem. Many studies have been proved the enzyme related to stress alpha amylase has high level of effect on pregnancy. Women have high level of alpha enzyme took longer time to get pregnant as compared to those who have low alpha amylase.

Human body is smart it knows that stress is not a good time to have a baby. On the other side simply relaxing does not cure infertility. If you have blocked tubes or severe endometriosis or a high FSH or a male factor, all the relaxation in the world is not going to increase your chances of a spontaneous pregnancy. However, there is in fact a relationship between stress and infertility- but it is not as simple as relaxation equals pregnancy.

Crux of the story is stress free life can enhance the effect of treatment to get pregnant. But it not cures infertility completely.

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