What is Semen Freezing ?

Semen cryopreservation is a procedure to preserve sperm cells. Semen can be used successfully indefinitely after cryopreservation. For human sperm, the longest reported successful storage is 24 years. Freezing sperm refers to the freezing and storage of a man's sperm which s called cryopreservation. Typically, a man freezes his sperm for future if he is undergoing a medical treatment that may interfere with his fertility, including a vasectomy and chemotherapy or radiation for cancer.

Sperm freezing is the process of collecting, analyzing, freezing and storing a man's sperm. The samples are later used for fertility treatments or donated to other couples or individuals, including same sex female partners. This overall process is known as cryopreservation and is sometimes referred to as sperm banking. You will advice for 3 to 5 days abstinence before semen freezing.

Patient will give blood samples before freezing to check screening for HIV, HBV, HCV, etc. to avoid chances of infection.

You must to give a written consent regarding what will happen to your sperm, if you cannot make decisions for yourself or die, whether anybody can use your sperm such as your partner or for research or if it can be donated for somebody else’s treatment and for how long you want to store your sperm. These all consents are necessary before freezing.

The standard time for storing a sperm is 10 years, but you can extend the storage time up to 55 years after confirmation of Andrologist.

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