What is Ectopic Pregnancy or Tubal Pregnancy?

What is ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy also called extra uterine pregnancy is when a fertilized egg grows outside inner lining of the uterus, somewhere else in her belly. It can cause life-threatening bleeding and needs medical care right away.

In more than 90% of cases, the egg implants in a fallopian tube. This is called a tubal pregnancy.

There are many symptoms of pregnancy most common are:-

  • Abdominal pain
  • Light Vaginal bleeding
  • Weakness
  • Pain on one side of body
  • Upset stomach
  • Vomiting

An ectopic pregnancy can cause your fallopian tube to burst or rupture. Emergency symptoms include major pain, with or without severe bleeding. you have heavy vaginal bleeding with light headedness, fainting, or shoulder pain, or if you have severe belly pain, especially on one side call to doctor or visit hospital as soon as possible.

If the fertilized egg continues to grow in the fallopian tube, it can cause the tube to rupture. Heavy bleeding inside the abdomen is likely. Symptoms of this life-threatening event include extreme lightheadedness, fainting and shock. For any enquiry.

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