Why Pediatrician is must at the time of delivery?


A pediatric team should be present at ALL high-risk deliveries.  All deliveries that are high-risk will be listed on the board in Labor and Delivery. The pediatric team and the NICU should be given an approximate expected time of delivery. Pediatric personnel should be present in the delivery room to assist with effective resuscitation even in certain borderline situations. 

 Role of pediatrician during delivery

  • Resuscitation of newborn
  • Intrauterine to extra uterine complex process
  • Sequence of physiological events in utero in asphyxia.
  • Pediatrician diagnoses and treats the baby and decides if newborn must be placed in the NICU.

Before delivery

  1. Anticipation for resuscitation- counseling
  2. Preparation for resuscitation
  3.   Asepsis, temperature maintenance, equipment, drugs, team members.

Before delivery they should have given antenatal counseling. When there is they encounter any problem they should prepare for the resuscitation.

After delivery

  1. Documentation
  2. Counseling to the parents
  3. Injection vitamin k
  4. Vaccination chart

Types of treatment given to newborn

  1. Newborn physical examination
  2. Temperature
  3. Pulse
  4. Respiration
  5. Blood pressure
  6. Care to the newborn at a caesarean or other delivery that may require medical intervention in the delivery room
  7. Manage newborn with any life threatening problem.
  8. Comprehensive management of newborn premature.
  9. Ensure proper nutritional supplements for baby.
  10. Diagnosis and manage respiratory distress

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