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What is TESA-PESA?

What is TESA-PESA?

In assisted reproductive technology TESA-PESA is an artificial method of sperm retrieval from male testicular surface or from epididymal region. Here, extraction of sperm is done by IVF doctors where patient is undertaken under local anesthesia. This method is carried out in male having obstruction in releasing ejaculation or with low/nil sperm count. In our Aashakiran IVF Fertility World we provide this service for infertile couple having issue with males. This procedure is exclusively done on those patient who want to have their own self cycle despite of male infertility. It has given a new hope and chance to such family who can conveniently opt this to overcome with conception issue.


Who are recommended with this services?

  1. Male with history of nil sperm count (Azoospermia)
  2. Male with severe low sperm count (Oligozoospermia)
  3. Male with severe abnormal morphology of sperm (Teratozoospermia)
  4. Male with severe low sperm motility (Asthenozoospermia)
  5. Male with any infectious cause having blood in semen (Haemetospermia)
  6. Male with history of surgical history of vasectomy
  7. Male with obstructions in vasa deferens effecting normal ejaculation
  8. Male with some hormonal imbalance effecting production of sperms


How the procedure is done?

During the procedure patients are firstly administrated with local anesthesia done by expert anesthetic doctor to minimize the pain during procedure. After that the groin region is sterilized properly to avoid any type of infection that may come across while doing procedure. Here, IVF specialist doctor will use a syringe to extract out testicular fluid along with seminiferous thread of seminiferous-tubules may containing active and live sperm is aspirated which is called TESA. TESA is performed in male with having history of azoospermia (obstructive/non-obstructive) where fluid is collected from male testicles. In some exceptional cases when doctors are unable to retrieve live sperm from testicular region they go for extraction of sperm from epididymis which is a storage house for mature sperms which is called PESA. This process is done where male have ejaculatory dysfunction making them unable to ejaculate or ejaculation with very low volume of seminal fluid.

 Once the confirmation of live and morphologically motile sperm extraction from the procedure the patient is allowed to get in consciousness out from anesthetic effect. Post procedure patient is managed with complications that may come such as bleeding post process, chance of infection (air borne), pain due to injecting of syringes which resides slowly after procedure. It is non-surgical method which in which sperms are collected from reproductive tract for insemination with oocytes.