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Which new-born needs NICU services?

Which new-born needs NICU services?

The majority of new-borns that are admitted to NICU are:

1. Preterm babies born before the due date i.e.,37 weeks of pregnancy

2. Having low birth weight (<2.5 kg)

3. Medical condition (cardiac anomalies, breathing problems, birth defects, or any infections)

During delivering course assessment of the fetus is a prime factor defining the growth and development of the baby inside the womb. But still, some factors or reasons can arise that can make new-born making prone to high-risk factors exchanging their normal developmental stage and affecting health. This factor may rise during delivery, inherited maternally, or new-born factors.

In delivery factors, fetal can experience high-risk associated factors arise due to the:

1. Forced delivery due to the mother’s medical condition which is called ventouse or forceps delivery.

2. Nuchal cord factor where the umbilical cord gets wrapped around the fetus's neck due to random movement of the fetus

3. Birth asphyxia, a condition that arises due to lack of oxygen affecting circulation in the body and organ system

4. New-born excretes out during delivery which is passed to amniotic fluid causing meconium

5. Abnormal delivery position where buttocks are protruded from cervix i.e., breech delivery

Another is the maternal factor which includes:

1. Transmission of STD/STI

2. Intake of drugs/alcohol

3. Maternally inherited abnormalities

4. Premature rupture of the amniotic sac

5. Low/high amniotic fluid in the womb

6. Female with advanced age/ younger age

7. Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus

8. Multiple pregnancies

There are some conditions that new-born may get due to low self-weight, birth defects, blood transfusions after born, the requirement of medicines and outer therapy, extra oxygen supplement cause of respiratory distress, and preterm birth. Moreover, in some conditions babies are unable to breathe independently the such situation they need emergency assistance supporting the life system this delivery resuscitation may later affect normal breathing. To overcome such a scenario a perfect hospital facility is a foremost activity that is one roof is designed specifically to support new-born. These services are available in NICU an overwhelming place with a complete resource to support the baby’s condition.

The NICU team members in Aashakiran Fertility World work under a Paediatric doctor who cares for children and provides support during delivery for babies. As post-delivery vitals of new-born are noted along with other body activities checked while shifting to NICU supervising registered nurse practitioners to note the BMI of newborns. Special training is provided to such workers so that they can actively participate during day & night care of new-borns. Babies’ growth and development are ensured by providing good nutrition by monitoring their intake of calories, proteins, vitamins, and essential minerals along with routine mothers’ breastfeeding. Pharmacists aid in NICU by supporting the care providers with medicines doses and time of dose by monitoring any side-effects or problems that can come up with new-born in NICU which may be needed.