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GooD News for couples who are planning for their fertility treatment , We are offering free IVF cycle / Service to patients worth Rs 2 Lac every month & will offer 50 % discount to non booked patients, entire process will be telecasted live on Facebook to have transparency within process.

Who is Eligible: - Now the question is how to be the part of this lucky draw? For this, every month when a patient who books a IVF package at Aashakiran IVF they will get the chance to win free IVF cycle. At the time of package booking a unique coupon will be issued and one copy will be given to patient and the other will be in the lucky pot of coupon. Where we keep every coupon for a selective period of time till the winner is selected. Selection will be at hospital in the presence of every patient who ever part of this contest is. This selection will be fair without any partiality. We will telecast this live on Facebook and instagram for everyone.

Process will be scheduled on First Saturday of Every Month

Benefits: - Patient who wins the lucky draw will get free IVF treatment worth 2 LAKH depending upon their treatment condition whether they have conceived or not during the treatment.

  • If the patient has conceived in their IVF cycle/ Treatment they will get benefits during their pregnancy like Antenatal care, delivery and pediatric care worth Rs. 2 LAKH.
  • If the patient has not conceived during IVF treatment that patient will get next free IVF cycle of worth 2LAKH.
  • 50 % discount on package will be offered to those who are not converted in packages, in case selected patient is not turned up , then same benefit will be passed on to the next selected patient.
  • In any of the case every month one patients will get benefit of Rs 2 Lac , One will Get 50 % discount (minimum benefits of Rs 1 Lac). It means every month will have 2 lucky patients.

  • For more information, pls Visit our counselor at AASHAKIRAN IVF.

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